Spring Cleaning Your Content: A Bloggers Secret to Success

By Udochi J. Stephen

During Spring one this is demanded as practiced by ancient Jews and has been in existence since then.  This practice has ever since been proven very useful, because of the effectiveness and wonderful results it produces.

You may be wondering, what this practice is called. It is called “Spring Cleaning”



This has to do with the practice of thorough clean up. Which is done during springtime.

Not necessary during spring time (metamorphic approach), can be done when demands requires it.

When a thorough cleanup is done, we get to know certain things about the environment we clean. Such as what needs repairs, what needs to be changed, and things that needs to be installed for better living.

For instance, you have a TV set you purchase during the 90’s. and ten years later (2010) you did a cleanup on your house.

The following is so possible to take place

  1. Change the TV set to a better one perhaps a flat screen
  2. Get to change the position of the TV in your room
  3. Acquire new material such as hanger to put it in place
  4. Just maybe change the sitting arrangement around the TV set

You can imagine how just one change can be linked to so many changes as listed above.

At the end of this article, you will know how important it is to spring clean your Blog content. So its cleaning time, shall we?




Spring cleaning can be done when it comes to content.


“Most Best-selling books, are upgraded with time as they come with edited Versions”

Meaning your content spring cleanup comes as a result of updates that comes along with it. Which gives you a revised and upgraded version of published content, to keep your readers updated.



Before we carry out the task of cleaning, we need to know situations in which it can be done.

— 1. Create a Check List of Your Topics —


It is very important to have a check list of published contents. It enables you to easily spot out which one needs to be edited and updated

— 2. Getting Rid of Outdated Info’s —


This reminds me of the saying

“Good riddance to bad rubbish”

You agree with me that outdated info’s are a bunch of bad rubbish.

Just imagine the stress and time taking to read up a step by step guild on doing something online. And a link on where to register was provided. You clicked on this link, only to find out it no longer exist.

This alone gets you mad. Because you feel you have just wasted your time.

so it is important to always look out from our checklist so we know what needs to be removed and updated.

One funny instance, according to a story I read in an article. A team where going through their website during a kick off meeting. And one on them was shocked and made a statement like “why is Mark still listed on the team page?”

Reason being that mark was no longer a team member for over a year

Note that what needs to be removed are

Broken links

Non-existed offers

Outdated images

Outdated contact information

Old portfolio items

— 3. Update What Needs to be Updated —


During spring cleaning, another thing to consider is that as you are getting rid of outdated stuff, you update. This implies that based on your research there must be some latest trends that applies to your article.

based on that an update needs to be done such as

team biographies



call to action etc.

— 4. Perform  Content Auditing —


Just exactly as the term audit implies. You have to tactically do a thorough overview of every content on your website in terms of rankings.

Know why some of your contents do not rank high and work on your SEO.

This also makes you know what you may not be doing right in making your content reach those it supposed to reach,

Also, it makes you re-promote them especially through social media platforms.


— Conclusion —

If you haven’t been spring cleaning. Then spring is here. As it is a beautiful day to place your focus on cleaning.

Best Regards

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  1. Hii admin,
    Nice blog post. Now I really think I need some spring cleaning on my site.It just got easier with your post.
    Thanks for this.

  2. Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and don’t seem to get anything done.|


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