Hi, I am Stephen Udochi John, Also Known as “Yudee” (Re-spelt from The first two letters of my Middle name (UD – Udochi). I have several passions and love for so many things. Such as music, designs and I am a tech savvy kind of person. I do believe there are no limits to the height you want to take your passion to. As it tales only your imagination to limit you.

My Passion


My passion for online business grew while I was in high school. It made me dug deep into knowing what owning a website could be all about, what investment online was all about.
I became a newbie to the internet and its online income scheme as of 2008. Well to tell you what, I was able to participate in several online programs and platforms. They include HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), PPC (Pay Per Click) programs and owing blogs (Blogger and WordPress) that I never got to purchase their domains.  I did all of this as part time and HYIP payed off a little as I recorded more loss than profits.

My Believe


Concerning passion,  I do believe strongly, that everyone has got passion for one thing or the other. Be it fashion, music, health, politics, agriculture, dance, comedy, etc. there is always a space in the internet for various passion. As One’s passion needs to go beyond those close reach. Blogging about what you are passionate about can transform and take you beyond imaginations. You never can tell what’s in for you till you give Blogging a chance and grow.

My Discovery


Now, one thing I discovered, was that most online platforms were never a stable way to make money. Because there happen to be fluctuations and frictions somewhere every now and then which make these schemes unable to survive.

This made my experience with being successful Blogging a horrible one as a newbie which made me almost quit. Not until I discovered a way out. My discovery brought about so many strategies and platforms that are pretty stable and involves little effort. This strategies and platform became a new beginning where I finally got to smile and to tell you what, I am still smiling.

I had to Help Out


However, Trend Xplore was created to be a channel to put smiles on the faces of many up and coming entrepreneurs, bloggers, investors, and freelancers online. Who in a way are either not doing the right things to produce results, frustrated and almost quitting, and those that needs to be guided. I really love creating a platform that solves blogging problems thereby this smile on faces.

All you are bound to get from Me


To put smile in your face, I provide ways and tips to avoid scam online, Search Engine Optimization Tips, Social media strategy, Best investments packages, Tech Savvy tips, Do it yourself Platform trainings with Blogger and WordPress, Video tutorials, Blogging Tips Tutorials and as well Affiliate Marketing tips.

Also, several training are offered to participants both online and offline through seminars tagged “Online Income Pedagogy” in tertiary and non-tertiary institutions, providing my audience with material and giveaways and optimum guidance on getting to do the right things with setting up a good platform online to generate their desired income.

Since the internet and computer age is fast growing,


It means lots of updates comes up every now and then. That shows the reason why you have to stay with  updated trends. because that is all I love to do. I explore the world of ICT with my self-discoveries and experience to keep you Updated.

If you read all through to this point,


Then I believe I can be of help to you both now and in the future. why not stay tuned with the trend, why I take you through the happenings and ways with which you can be a partaker to being a successful Blogger.

Feel free as this is the part I love. Which is where you get to subscribe to my newsletters below

If you have subscribed,  I promise to keep you updated with loads and lots of information for your personal growth.

Trend Xplore is up and ready to take you on this journey, and bring you victory as I strongly believed that you surely will see the light at the end of the tunnel as I did and at the end, I also believe you will surely smile.

look forward to serving you better.

Warm Regards.
Stephen Udochi John (Yudee)

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