Frequently Changing WordPress Themes: Causes of Good Riddance

By Udochi J. Stephen

Like the saying goes “Good Riddance: to bad rubbish”, so it is with some WordPress Themes. But,  I wouldn’t use the phrase “Bad Rubbish”. Because this themes were made with love from the developers.

However, most users are no aware of what considerations to put before them, when using this themes.

In this post you will know what causes riddance to most WordPress themes


— First Cause for Riddance: Responsive or Not —


When choosing a theme, knowing whether it is responsive is very important. Because if a theme is responsive, it means that it can be used on several devices and platform. That is, platforms like blackberry, android device, apple, and desktop platforms.

The responsiveness of a theme also increases traffic to your website. This means that if your website theme is not responsive you get to lose traffic.

This is because most user uses mobile device more than the PC. Which means if you are in the mess of using an unresponsive theme, then it’s definitely good riddance.


— How to Know if Your Theme is Responsive —

Resize your browser window to make it smaller. If the layout of a theme changes based on the size of the browser window, then the theme is responsive. Themes that are not responsive will not adapt to smaller window sizes.


— Second Cause for Riddance: Child Theme —


Before I explain what a child theme is all about, let’s see it this way.

You love a particular brand of car, say Toyota Camry and you have an idea of building cars. Perhaps, this Toyota Camry product doesn’t suit your taste a 100 percent on features of a car. Owing to the fact that you are a car builder, you can decide to use component of other cars manufacturing companies. Or rather create your own feature.

The frame work of the Toyota Camry in WordPress term is called Parent Theme

The features you either manufactured or got from other car manufacturing companies is called Child Theme.

So in other words, a WordPress child theme is a WordPress theme that inherits its functionality from another WordPress theme, “the parent theme”.

Before, there was no easy way of updating WordPress themes without losing all the custom styling and changes made. This becomes a problem when all of a sudden you find out a widely used script in popular themes has a major exploit, and you need to update your themes ASAP.

It became a tough and complicated choice because on one hand, you would lose all the custom styles if you update. On the other hand, you risk your site getting hacked if you don’t update fast enough.

Child themes are often used when you want to customize or tweak an existing WordPress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme. Therefore, solving these problems.


— What Could be Bad —

To use a child theme, you need to study the parent theme well enough. And where you have got issues with the theme functions is where everything could go bad. And this can cause a riddance if not fixed


— Conclusion—

If you are using a free and premium theme, make sure it is responsive. And if you must use a child theme as well make sure you know everything about the parent theme as well or pay developers to do it for you. Also make sure your child theme is a responsive one too.

Putting all these to consideration wouldn’t bring about getting rid of your theme excerpt for a good and better cause.





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