How to Make Money Without Money: (Quick Guide)

By Udochi J. Stephen

How to make money without money, Is it possible? The idea might sound unconventional, but let me assure you, it is not only possible but also achievable. Making money is a universal need, and in today’s interconnected world, everyone has something valuable to offer, regardless of their location.

The internet, often referred to as a global village, has significantly simplified the process. With just an internet connection and essential tools like your smartphone or laptop, you can provide services and offers from virtually any location. In this guide on ‘How to Make Money Without Money,’ we’ll explore the various strategies and opportunities available in the online realm that allow you to generate income without any upfront investment.

What to Consider Before Generating Online Income Without Money

To highlight a few key points:

  1. Valuable Offering: Ensure you have something of value to offer.
  2. Market Demand: Confirm that what you intend to offer addresses a genuine need in the market.
  3. Time Commitment: Be prepared to invest your time in your chosen endeavor.
  4. Uniqueness: Stand out by offering something unique or presenting existing offerings in a distinctive way.
  5. Industry Insight: Stay informed about online business trends to adapt and thrive.

If you’ve scrutinized the above considerations and find yourself aligned with each of them, then you’re ready to proceed.

Now, let’s delve into a list of legitimate ways to turn this possibility into a reality.

1. Freelance Opportunities for Professionals

Embracing freelancing means taking control of your professional journey. Freelancers can either align with agencies, operate independently, or leverage online platforms and associations to secure opportunities. If you possess valuable skills, consider harnessing them to Make Money online during your free hours.

While numerous guides advocate for venturing into freelancing, achieving higher-paying assignments requires more than mere registration on popular platforms. To excel, diversify your reach, build an impressive portfolio, and possibly validate your capabilities through skill-oriented tests. Explore this curated selection of the 15 top sites connecting freelancers with potential gigs.

Prominent Freelance Platforms:

  1. Upwork: With a staggering 1.5 million clients, Upwork is a versatile platform for freelancers.
  2. Toptal: Tailored for seasoned professionals, Toptal connects freelancers with high-quality opportunities.
  3. Freelancer: Hosting millions of projects, Freelancer promotes healthy competition among freelancers through skill contests.
  4. Guru: Showcase your work effortlessly and benefit from a daily job-matching feature in Guru. The Work Room simplifies project management.
  5. College Recruiter: Ideal for college students and recent graduates, this platform caters to a broad spectrum of freelance opportunities, serving as a launchpad for budding careers.
  6. SimplyHired: Offering a broader scope than many freelance platforms, SimplyHired accommodates diverse professions, including sales and construction. The platform features hiring tips, a company directory, and location-based search functionality.

This list merely scratches the surface of available opportunities.

2. Make Money Blogging

Blogging has emerged as a significant player in the realm of online business today, presenting not only a platform for expression but also an avenue for monetization. However, venturing into blogging requires a sincere commitment of both time and effort. One crucial step in this journey is selecting a unique and attention-grabbing domain name for your blog.

It’s important to set realistic expectations; earning from your blog won’t happen overnight. Depending on your dedication to building traffic, it might take weeks or even months before you see your first dollar. Yet, as your blog gains popularity, the potential to generate a sustainable income becomes more tangible.

For those looking to dip their toes into blogging without upfront costs, several platforms offer a starting point:


Launching your blog on these platforms allows you to explore the dynamics of blogging without financial investment.

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3. Make Money Making Videos

indulging in entertaining videos, be it music, drama, comedy, movies, or events, can be a delightful pastime. Videos, particularly tutorials, are favored for their ability to convey information in a more engaging manner than traditional reading methods.

Furthermore, the allure of watching and uploading YouTube videos lies in the potential for monetization. Unlocking this financial aspect requires ensuring your videos are copyright-free.

Monetizing YouTube videos can be achieved through various avenues, with the predominant method involving the incorporation of advertisements within the video. Beyond that, opportunities abound for earning through affiliate marketing and paid reviews.

4. Get Paid for Your Opinions Through Surveys

Imagine getting paid for sharing your opinions—quite an appealing prospect, isn’t it? Engaging in online surveys allows you to earn extra income by expressing your thoughts on various subjects or answering specific questions. Each survey comes with a price tag and a time commitment. Explore the following list of platforms that offer such opportunities:

  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna (Earn 3,000 – 6,000 points per survey; redeem 80,000 points for a £15 voucher)
  • Vivatic (Approximately £1-2 per survey)
  • MySurvey (Earn £3-5 per hour)
  • OnePoll (Exclusive £5 signup bonus)
  • Survey Bods (£3 upon signup and profile completion)

The options are diverse, providing ample opportunities to turn your opinions into tangible earnings.

5. Online Tutoring and Training Opportunities

If you excel in a particular academic field, you can leverage your expertise to make money by teaching online. Various websites, such as Coursera and Edx, offer platforms for live online teaching. For those seeking more control over their schedules, Alison and Udemy is an excellent option where you can sell your online courses for a substantial amount.

Consider Alison as well, where, as a tutor, you have the chance to sell your materials. YouTube is another powerful platform for monetizing your lessons through advertisements.

6. Monetize Your Graphics Work

For photography enthusiasts wondering where to sell their Autographer Wearable Camera images online, numerous opportunities await.

Different methods exist for making money online with your photographs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some individuals create a popular online portfolio and sell advertising space next to their images, while others sell their photos for use on merchandise like t-shirts, cups, and calendars. Selling photos directly to private clients or offering photo shoots is another avenue, often requiring substantial experience and a well-established portfolio.

Consider exploring these platforms:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock Photo
  • SmugMug
  • Alamy
  • Flickr Collection
  • Fotolia

7. Leverage Social Media for Income

Many individuals use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, primarily for connecting with friends or passing the time. However, the landscape of social media has evolved into the most extensive marketing and advertising platform today. If you’re eager to explore additional income streams, consider tapping into this platform.

While some view social media simply as a means of interaction, sponsored ads on Facebook or sponsored tweets on Twitter reveal its potential for generating direct leads. Traditional advertising methods can be costly for brands, leading them to seek the services of Facebook page owners and Twitter users for product marketing.

If you possess a Twitter account with a substantial and active follower base, platforms like BlogMint offer opportunities for joining Twitter campaigns and getting paid on a per-tweet basis. Other websites to explore include Mashable, TechCrunch, AdAge, and eMarketer.

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8. Earn Through Content Writing

Content writing services address a common challenge in content marketing: the need for a constant flow of engaging and valuable content. The increasing number of blogs on the internet has created a demand for fresh, original content. If you excel at writing content that resonates with audiences, there’s potential to earn by crafting blog articles for prominent bloggers.

Reach out to niche-specific bloggers directly or explore platforms like Brafton, Internet Marketing Ninjas, Upwork, Fiverr, IWriter, and Crowdsource for additional content writing opportunities.

9. Profit From Professional Web Design

In a digital era marked by a surge in blogs and business websites, web design is an essential service. Talented web designers, capable of creating visually appealing and fast-loading pages, can command high rates. Some proficient web designers earn as much as $70 per hour on freelance websites.

If you possess expertise in creating WordPress frameworks, the opportunity to earn online becomes even more accessible. You can monetize your skills by creating and marketing themes and plugins to users of platforms like WordPress and Drupal. Whether self-promotion or selling through marketplaces like ThemeForest, the potential to earn money online through web design is substantial.

10. Earn While Searching the Web

Imagine getting paid for your regular online activities. It’s a concept I particularly appreciate—earning money effortlessly while maintaining your usual online behavior. Enter, an innovative platform that rewards you for searches on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Simply install a browser add-on, and during your searches, you may encounter sponsored results with attached cash rewards. Click on any Qmee result you find interesting, and collect your reward effortlessly.

11. Get Paid for Website and App Reviews

For those skilled in providing insightful reviews, offers a unique opportunity. This platform compensates everyday individuals for reviewing various websites, with each review taking approximately 20 minutes and earning you $10 (£6.50) via Paypal.

12. Embrace Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more about commitment than extensive effort. If you possess a strong social media presence, a blog, or a website, you can swiftly start earning by promoting companies, products, services, and offers online. Join an affiliate network like Affiliate Window or Wealthy Affiliate, explore their offers blog, or browse merchant listings to find products that align with your audience. Share your affiliate link, and if someone makes a purchase within a specified time frame (up to 90 days), you’ll earn a commission.

13. Monetize Your Passion for Music

For music enthusiasts, turning your love for good music into a business is possible by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online for cash through platforms like Slicethepie.

14. Get Paid for Reading Ads

While millions worldwide rely on Paid to Click (PTC) sites for extra income, only a fraction truly maximize their earnings. Untrusted PTC sites contribute to this issue. To address this, consider joining reputable PTC sites like:

  • ClixSense
  • InboxDollar
  • Paidverts
  • NeoBux

How to Make Money Without Money – Concluding Thought 

In a world driven by digital connectivity, the prospect of generating online income without any upfront investment is not only possible but also attainable. The internet has transformed into a global marketplace, offering diverse opportunities for individuals from any location. Whether you’re exploring freelance opportunities, diving into the world of blogging, creating engaging videos, participating in surveys, or leveraging social media, the avenues to make money online without spending money upfront are abundant.

Considerations before diving into these opportunities include having a valuable offering, addressing market demand, committing time, showcasing uniqueness, and staying informed about online business trends. If you align with these considerations, you’re ready to explore the myriad ways to turn this possibility into reality.

How to Make Money Without Money (FAQs)

  1. Is it really possible to make money online without spending any money upfront? Yes, it is possible. The online realm offers various opportunities, from freelancing and blogging to participating in surveys and monetizing your skills.
  2. How can I start making money through affiliate marketing? To begin with affiliate marketing, build a strong online presence through social media, a blog, or a website. Join affiliate networks like Affiliate Window or Wealthy Affiliate, explore relevant products, share your affiliate link, and earn commissions on qualifying purchases.
  3. What are some reputable platforms for getting paid for website and app reviews? is a reputable platform that compensates individuals for reviewing websites, offering $10 per 20-minute review. It provides a straightforward way to earn money by sharing your opinions on various online platforms.”

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  1. I have never realized there are so many options on how to make money online. The information you provide is very interesting and informative.

    I am definitely going to test a few of the options you suggest.

    In your opinion, which would be the most rewarding to start with? If you could maybe suggest 1 or 2 options.


  2. Hey Yudee
    thanks for some wonderful ideas on starting an online business without money.People need extra cash but most do not know where to get started or most think they need money to get started online.
    Although surveys do not pay much and it`s sometimes hard to qualify, l think they are very good ways to get started.
    Tried searching the web in the past but was not so successful given that l was just getting started and gave up soon after.
    After reading your post, l feel someone just getting started will do much better in affiliate marketing,no shipping or dealing with refunds and all this can be done without investing any money at all.
    Really enjoyed your post,thanks for sharing.

  3. Great advice. I think many people are intimidated about starting their own business, online or otherwise, due to finances. Your site offers practical advice. The best part is about being sure you offer people what they need. This is true and I have also found people want value. If you have something people want/need and offer it for what people to perceive to be a huge value, you will do very well in your business. Great site!

  4. Just last year, if anyone told me that there were so many ways to make money online without spending a dime, I would have called them liars.

    This was so because of my experiences with online scams.
    Most legitimate methods for making money take time to build which is ok because nothing good comes easy.
    Great ideas.

  5. Hey
    Nice post. You have listed so many ways to make money without money here. I think they are all good ideas.

    The best option for me would be affiliate marketing and just blogging.

    Do you think I should make a extremely helpful product but if I was a beginner, where would I start?


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