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Most times people confuse Niche for domain name and it makes it difficult to understand properly how best to set up a blog or website.

In this article, I will be unveiling a lot of things concerning blogging for better understanding which will whatever it is you want to do as far as blogging is concern to be in the right track.


A niche simply has to do with a site that focuses on specific term or target.  This term refers word category your content will be based on. While target refers to the geographical region your niche content is for. And it is not bad if your content is for the whole world.

So lets look at the various word category that every niche can be based on

List of word category for building up a site

  • Music
  • Health/wellness
  • Wedding
  • Art
  • Food/drink
  • Sports/recreation
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Professional services
  • Education
  • Personal/random thought
  • Religion/spirituality
  • Government/politics
  • Fashion/beauty
  • Family/parenting
  • Lifestyle/inspiration
  • Photography
  • And others

Furthermore, not all niche target all geographical location. There are some content that are offensives to some countries and it  might not be the same case for another country. So if you working on setting up a niche as a blogger, you have to put these into consideration.


Some niche could be vast and in most cases and makes a blogger that is just starting up confuse, thinking he/she can cover all that is to that niche. However, I have good news for such person, that may have a vast niche he/she wants to start up. You can and may not be able to cover this vast niche. But to cover to a large extent, you have to start up a sub niche of that vast niche.

What do I mean by sub niche?

A sub niche is a sub category of a keyword. Take for example, if your niche centers on Medicine, then there is a whole lot to talk about medicine. The parts of the human body is too big enough content to talk on if medicine is to be a niche. Giving healthy eye tips, nose, mouth, well-being, fitness and so on. But if you must cover a large extent, then you have to start as a sub niche.

To start as a sub niche you have to take out time and examine what content will be a whole lots easier to write on and give tips on. If you figure that out, then you can start up with that to the point where you have vast article on it. Then at this point you can start up another and with time you are where you want to be.


Now you have gotten it right with choosing that perfect niche. Another thing we want to try at this point is getting that perfect and unique domain name that no one has thought of using before.

To do this, I have been able to compile similar and repeated questions I hear a lot from seminars I organize on blogging every now and then. This questions however are reviewed below for easy comprehension of what a domain and niche is all about.


I have in my course of training’s and seminars heard of diversities of questions and comments about niche and I thought about reviewing the these questions and comments. They however, are;

  1. When it come to choosing a niche, I Am confused on what niche to choose. What could be the solution?
  2. I have something I love to write about but I am afraid, because too many niche exist that talks about it too
  3. I have three interest, such as video games, music and fashion. How do I compressed this to fit a unique domain name?
  4. I don’t think the niche I have in my mind is the perfect niche
  5. What of if I don’t get noticed with my niche?

However, feel free to add more questions in your comments.. If you have such questions.

Now, to answer these questions above, starting up with

— #1 Reviewed —

You don’t need to be confused about the niche you want to choose. If you have got an interest in something you want to write about and train your audience on. Then don’t waste much time, because you have just succeeded in figuring the easiest thing you know how to do and writing about it to your audience at this stage is all that matters. And also marketing whatever services it has got to offer should be the next strategy to pull out of it.

— #2 Reviewed —

If your dream ain’t big enough, you can’t get scared of it. Your fear about being a successful blogger shows how big your dream appears to you. My advice is that you deal with the fear by welcoming the challenge your dream comes along with. And it is just a matter of time with hard work, you will be so amazed with what you have accomplished so long you take a good step of starting something up.

— #3 Reviewed —

You have three interest and you don’t know how to shrink your several interest into a word or domain name to describe it. Hmmm! how interesting. Every word falls under a category, your work here is to find out what categories it falls under, then choose a word based on the category for it. What do I mean by this?. Games, music and fashion can be classified under words like media, lifestyle and Art, leisure and Art, Entertainment etc. Depending on which one you like. And with these, you form a niche. Furthermore, you take it one step at a time. Build up on the music or fashion or games first before choosing whatever two remains. By doing this you stand strong in pulling a strong audience in one before another.

— #4 Reviewed —

If you don’t think your niche is not the perfect one. I will gladly refer you back to to question one review.

— #5 Reviewed —

Getting noticed with your niche depends on you.Taking a complete course in the wealthy affiliate will teach you a whole lot about how to get noticed on search engines. You can go as far as advertising yourself on social media networks.


Don’t waste time trying to be sure. Make use of the time starting up a website on your niche and work towards getting it right. That way you get to work towards perfection which gives you the perfect niche ever.


Your pal,



  • Thank you for explaining what a niche and sub niche is. I am looking into creating my own website so I feel that it is important to know about these before I start something up.

    I always want to put in 100% with whatever I do. Your idea though to just see what I come up with is intriguing. I guess I need to see what my readers want and take I think from there. After all the readers dictate the direction of my site.

  • Hi, Yudee.

    This is a great article about choosing the perfect niche! I had all the 5 questions in my mind when I was just starting out Internet Marketing. And you have answered them perfectly straight to the point! Another great resource I can share with my friends who are just starting out Online!

    Wishing you the best!

  • Hi Yudee, what a great post you have there talking about niche.

    Let’s say I have a niche (A) that is not as popular as the other niche (B), though I like the former one better.It is because I am more familiar with niche A and as you said I could use my skills.
    However, I used to anaylize the top websites of niche A and found that the traffic is 20 times lower than niche B.

    To me traffic equals conversion, the more traffic my site would have, the better it converts. Should I go for niche B instead?

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on selecting a niche. I like what you said about not dwelling too much on what you’re going to select and that it is more important to simply get started.

    I think at times we can worry too much about making things perfect rather than taking action and then we end up not doing anything at all.

  • This a very helpful post on choosing a niche. It seems hard at first to choose a niche as there are so many categories to choose from but your article explains very well on how to go about choosing one. This is a must read for anyone who is planning to start a business especially an online business. Thanks for a great article!

  • I have been wondering about that. I have hearn internet marketers talking about a “niche”,but to me it sounded like a niche in the wall. What you are basically saying is that any topic or sub-topic is a niche. right? So I pick the topic I am interested in most, right?

  • Nice post Yudee, this is really supportive for anyone struggling with locating the right niche and all the parameters of a sub niche.

    Do you think a persons niche needs to be something they are passionate about?

    I go back and forth on this, but i feel that if i have passion its easy to write, but if another niche that i dont have a passion for but has better earning potential arises, then i still think its worth creating content for.

  • Hey Yudee,

    I really like the information and ideas that you have listed in your article. I see it all the time where people just pick a topic like weight loss, and they fail to narrow it down to a more specific area. This also goes for the domain name. I like the questions that you have posted and the reviews. People can definitely get a good start here and when they connect with wealthy affiliate, and spending time building their website, they will definitely be on their way to having a successful site and a business.
    Thanks for your information, I will pass this along to others.

  • It’s important to start the first website on a niche that you really passionate about. Many blogger who want to make money as soon as possible simply burn out before they even make a cent online.

    Write for your passion and to create value, and you will work on your website consistently. Choosing a niche shouldn’t be over-complicated.

  • I like the way you defined the niche and sub niche.
    As far as the domain name is concerned, I know it is proper to get a domain name close to the niche but is that necessary? Is it necessary for the name to have similar keywords as the niche?
    Thanks for breaking it down.

  • Nice article, it really helped me understand correctly the notion of “niche”. I had a pretty hard time finding the right niche, because I was trying to find both something I liked and something that could bring me money (for example a cooking niche wouldn’t be that profitable, in my opinion). I found the right one in the end, at least that’s what I think, so I’m on the good way I believe.
    Regarding including some part of your niche name in the domain name you choose, I haven’t done this and I don’t think I will. I simply chose a brand name that I thought appropriate for my site, and chose that one as a domain name.
    I believe that getting a domain name that includes your niche name partially will bring your higher rankings faster, however.
    Thanks for these tips, your post was really useful

  • Hi Yudee, I just looked at your website page Perfect Niche, Its a great topic and has great information, You have awesome content.
    Keep up the good work, Keith

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