Trick on How to Download Videos on Facebook

By Udochi J. Stephen

This is quite similar to the previous post done on best way to download video on YouTube. You can view it here

When you are checking up updates from friends on Facebook, perhaps from any gadget platform. Be it a smart phone device, or PC, You definitely will love to save one special videos shared by your friend. perhaps for quick reference.

But hmm!!! probably along the line you get stuck getting the task of saving and downloading it to your smart device.

Here I will be showing you specifically ways, with which you can download a shared video on Facebook.


If you are using a smart phone device there are several application you can use. They include

  1. Video Downloader
  2. Download Videos for Facebook
  3. Video Downloader for Facebook
  4. Tube mate

All this app can be gotten on play-store except Tubemate which can be gotten here

I recommend TubeMate for this. The only bad turn for Tubemate is in terms of ads display on the app when you are using it.

For Tubemate illustration please click here


You can also use the internet download manager to get this downloads done fast, it works very fast and more effective. You cant get it on this link


This is one of the best platform, this it can be stressful because you have to save up the link

Yes, you can also get YouTube, also Facebook videos, and many more social media videos using this link without stress. Here is an illustration

  1. Log on to the site


fb vidsPin


     2. go to Facebook and copy out the link of the video you want to download

fb vids 2

    3.  paste it on the box for the link on savefromdotnet

fb vids 3Pin

click on the download button after choosing your desired resolution.

Hope this was quite amazing?. if it is, i look forwards to your comment

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