Building Yourself for Stress free Jobs Than Job Hunting in Social Media Marketing

By Udochi J. Stephen

A whole lot separate those that hunt for job in the social media and those that just get it pretty easy and fast.

Job haunting according to Wikipedia is the act of looking for employment, due to unemployment, underemployment,, discontent with a current position, or a desire for a better position. The immediate goal of job seeking is usually to obtain a job interview with an employer which may lead to getting hired. The job hunter or seeker typically first looks for job vacancies or employment opportunities.

While getting a job has to do with a post of employment; full-time or part-time position.

Your level of professionalism in the social media world shows if you will keep hunting for social media jobs or you be booked to deliver jobs. Which do you prefer?

I believe everyone wants people to come for him or her. A situation where companies want you at the expense of what money they can pay for your expertise.


The difference between this two is clear.

What job hunters in social media marketing do

  1. They prefer having CVs only and not proposals, however a curriculum vitae is just a short document that describes your education, work experience, etc. while business proposals is a written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. Business proposals are often a key step in the complex sales process—i.e., whenever a buyer considers more than price in a purchase.

A proposal puts the buyer’s requirements in a context that favors the seller’s products and services, and educates the buyer about the capabilities of the seller in satisfying their needs.

  1. They don’t Think Outside the Job Board Box.Thinking outside the box of getting jobs have to do a lot with what king of job specification should you go for and not what job specification can I get.

You can Start with the Mediabistro job board, and then check out sites like Mashable for a nice selection of industry-specific sites gigs.

  1. Job hunters don Look for Related Positions. Most job hunters are limited to variation like “link builder” and “community manager,” which often incorporate the same duties.
  1. Letting the Oganisation Find You. Job Hunters keep looking for the organization, instead of the other way round. If you have set up the basics thing you need as a social media manager, they is not way coupled with your proposals that and CVS that this job givers wont give you to deliver. In other words If you build an awesome and professional online presence, then they will come. Market yourself as an expert in the field through your own Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr pages.
  2. They Don’t Follow the Leaders. To follow the leaders you need to Find out who has the job you want and friend them. That’s the best way to find out about news in the field, and most importantly, potential openings. Like what you’re reading? Sign up to get our best career advice and job search tips.



1. They are committed

No business can survive for long unless employees have a personal investment in its success. Committed employees do whatever it takes to excel, even if it means taking on extra tasks, or staying beyond their allotted schedule. Savvy employers reward these work habits by offering chances for advancement — which reduces turnover, and attracts other applicants who are willing to show the same degree of commitment.

The grunt work involved in social media marketing can be tedious, and it’s not for everyone but it’s essential that you understand the time commitment involved in being successful in your online engagement strategies. If you’ve never helped manage a brand or company social media profile, find an internship to get a little experience under your belt before committing to a full-time position. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a prior paid job managing social media channels professionally, as long as you can prove you’ve been exposed to the trade and know what you need to learn. So dive in and and start practicing.

2. they go as far as Taking online course to show they are savvy about learning new skills

Are you aware you can be trained online for free as a social media marketer through programs like courser, alisons, udemy, and edx?.

If you’re interested in improving your social media skills or building a career in social media these online courses and certifications can help you learn the ropes. The demand for people with “social media marketing” skills has risen 47% in the past year and is projected to continue growing at a fast clip as more business move marketing spending from paid advertising into content marketing and social media engagement.

Surprisingly, there are structured MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) for learning social media and inbound marketing online. Also there are many more social media, blogging and inbound marketing MOOCs in the coming year because all these skills are becoming must-haves for the job market. You have to stay focus and go through the pain to be refined as far as social media marketing world is concerned.

3. They Target their potential employer with a social media ad campaign

As social media continues to grow as a proven marketing strategy, the marketing industry has seen an increase in clever and effective social media campaigns.

Many publishers and organizations have been compiling and publicly recognizing their favorites, and the top picks vary greatly in size, method and style. However, when you break down the details of various top-rated social media campaigns, you see that they often share some common elements.

social media campaign such as #JustSaidYes, taught  a number of important lessons about building a great social media campaign. Instead of running a broad campaign for all potential WeddingWire (my employer) users, with their lessons you will be able to identify a subset of your target audience and create a campaign that capitalized on existing social behavior on their favorite network: Instagram.

Also, One of the most direct ways to get a job in social media is to demonstrate your ability to target your audience with social media ads. Set up a simple website or splash page with your resume and your best video introduction and bullet points about why you are the best person for the job, and then target Facebook ads at the company where you’re seeking employment. Sam Solomon is one job seeker who used this strategy successfully.

be cautions however, that just setting up the ads is not enough. “The most important part of this campaign is your landing page. This is where potential employers that click your ad will be directed. Do not simply send employers to your LinkedIn, or Visual CV page. Great advertising for a product with a terrible presentation does not lead to any sales.” So spend some time learning about how to create an effective sales page and give this technique a try.

4. They Optimize their own social profiles and point employers to them

you should have an up-to-date and professional-looking personal Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or YouTube account, and by doing these you should also

  • Keep the About description up to 170 characters. Within this range you can also include a link to your web site as I did above.
  • Fill in the other fields as well (mission, company overview, description, basic info, contact info)
  • Select a username for your page so that you get a friendly URL i.e.
  • Link your Facebook page from your web site.
  • Update your Facebook page regularly either adding posts from your web site or sharing other interesting posts or images of others.
  • Try to add as many fans to your business page. The more people follow your page the more exposure your new posts will get.
  • Add the Facebook like buttons on your web site so that your readers can follow your Facebook business page or share your posts on Facebook.

Do same for other social media platform.

5. They Highlight their outgoing personality traits

“When companies are assessing job candidates, they’re looking for someone who is not only proficient in a particular function, but also has the right personality,” said Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at career resource and job-listing site CareerBuilder. “It’s important to highlight soft skills that can give employers an idea of how quickly you can adapt and solve problems, whether you can be relied on to follow through, and how effectively you can

lead and motivate others.”

A multitasker. People are rarely hired to perform a single function. Especially in a small business setting, companies need employees who are willing to come out of their roles and do whatever is necessary, said Ron Selewach, founder and CEO of talent acquisition software company Human Resource Management Center Inc.

“A small business needs people who can not only tolerate chaos, but thrive in it,” he said.

  1. A strategist. Career psychologist Eileen Sharaga said that every business needs a strategic thinker. Hiring managers want someone who can identify long-term goals, and has not only a vision for the future, but a plan to get there, she said.
  2. A decider. People who can use their own judgment and take decisive action are valuable to any company.

Finally, when you apply for an open position, make sure your resume and cover letter reflect an outgoing and well-connected personality.

However, if you are interested in sample proposals written with respect to Facebook, LinkedIn, and google plus feel free to contact me through the mail and I will make it available to you so as to guide you in getting a social media job and don’t forget to leave your comment below.

18 thoughts on “Building Yourself for Stress free Jobs Than Job Hunting in Social Media Marketing”

  1. Hi Yudee, interesting to read a totally different approach to getting a job. I am wondering though, how many people are following the process described. Or how many know of this, as I never read this before. I can see though that the people who will follow this method can become successful!

  2. I think its amazing these days how much social media plays a role in our daily lives. I am often on linkedin and other social channels and find that it is crazy how much people put on social media that any employer can find with a simple search. So many job candidates these days eliminate themselves from the jobs they want for something they posted on social media. great post, this is an interesting view on the topic that most people probably didnt even consider.

  3. Hey Yudee.
    I really like the idea of targeting employers with a social media strategy and can see this working for many different types of businesses too.
    In order to get a role we really want we need to be able to stand out from the crowd and create opportunities.

    I remember doing a one page advert as my cover letter on me for a marketing job, I got to the top of the interview pile with that one.

    I really enjoyed this article, it got my mind thinking.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I guess I’m totally behind the times because I’ve never thought about setting up a social media presence that allows potential employers to find me and then seek me out. Although thinking about it, if I could learn how to do this, it would be a huge asset to my career (and anyone’s I’m assuming). What platforms would you most target? Linked In probably right? Also would you suggest setting up a professional social media presence apart from your personal social media?

  5. Really, the best way to get a job is sell yourself. An nowadays we have plenty of tools to do it online.
    As you say, first you need to know which kind of job do you want and select potential employers. Learn as much as you can about their organizations and buil your social media profiles to get close to them.
    Network using LinkedIn, publish some papers or short posts around, get involved in speciallized groups and discussions,…
    People will know you and the emails or chats asking more information about you will start to come. Then is your chance to sell yourself and get the job.
    This is quite a hard work that not everyone is ready to do. But if you go through is you’ll get a good position, if not…just keep emailing CV’s.

  6. I did know that you can do courses to further your career. I myself have done this with a few courses. I didn’t know though that you could take social media classes for free.

    I am into computers, always have been, so this seems quite intriguing to me. Social media seems to be very important in a number of ways and it can be used to get noticed. I have just started a website so these classes wouldn’t be beneficial to me, so thank you for sharing this information.

  7. this seems to be one of the greatest information ever since unemployment have been roaming the whole country and the will to get such information was limited to job hunter. i as an individual have found this information more valuable and attractive
    thanks for the vital information shared once ore and please keep updating me in future


  8. Hey Yudee

    These are good strategies to follow.
    Social media has certainly changed the game when it comes to job hunting.
    Being willing to take an on-line course to widen ones knowledge and expertise are a great way to improve your employment chances.
    I find that too may people, especially university graduates, are too focused on getting employment in one specific field. That can be a mistake. The current economy calls for thinking outside the box.

  9. Hey, first things first. You site took quite a while to load just thought you could reduce the amount of plugins to fix that?

    I have been a employer of various companies and i can truly say that your information is definitely relatable and interesting. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hey Steve,

    I like how you tackle the idea of giving a brief but deep explanation about yourself on your social media pages to get hirers interested in your profile and want to hire you.

    I had this in mind when I thought of creating a Facebook fan page for my site but I feared it wouldn’t get any followers.

    Will giving this explanation help me get more followers?

  11. Hey Yudee,
    Before we start understand that I am 70 years old and all this termonology is very new to me . I actuallyhad to read it twice to understand the approach you were describing. That was me not your article. Once I understood it I thought WOW Yudee is on to something. It might be different but I believe it will put you ahead of the crowd. I liked the layout, It was nice looking and not boreing. Good job.
    Al Shuler

  12. Hey Yudee!

    Some great pointers here on how to use social media as a tool to get that sought after job.

    I never thought about setting up a website or facebook page to use as leverage to show off one’s talents.
    I figured that using that type of strategy would be only appreciated by those in the online business, but as you mentioned many employers are reviewing people’s soft skills.

    I wonder how many people use this strategy to get a job?

    Great ideas here Yudee…keep it up.


  13. I like the way how people can briefly present the idea of giving a brief introduction in social media like facebook, Twitter, and other sources. There are so many problems out there to find an employment who does not have a resume. Noting the fact that some people even dot know how to make a basic resume. So the articles come up with a big issue of unemployment that facing many countries

    I have a Facebook fan page for my blog but i am not able to increase the followers and drive visitors to my website, is there any way to do that. I would be more than happy if you share some ideas.

    Thank You.


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