Every website needs to set a platform, in which people can use as a tool to contact you about your product and services.

An that is why we have  to look at how to make it possible for people to contact us. At least it gives an edge in terms of receiving inquiries, leads and appreciation notes from your audience.

What platform are we talking about?

The platform we are referring to is “the setting up a contact form” just like the sample you are seeing below.

tx contact

The contact form makes it possible for your audience or client to get in touch with you for several reasons.

— Reason For a Contact Form —

Instead of leaving your email just like that. There are so much advantages of contact form over that. They however include;

  1. Spam Filtering

The is a kind of protection that prevents and protect you from spam mails. That means that spammers and bots will not get to flood your inbox easily.

  1. Information

Here your contact form makes it easier to get information, as each box to fill out contains the required information made for it. This implies that you don’t need to go through the stress of asking for an information you might need from the person contacting you in other for you to give proper feedback.

  1. It saves Time

When you have a contact from on your site, it saves a whole lots of time for your audience. Because they don’t need to log on in to their mail service provider to send message. Because all that will be required of them is just to fill out a form and that is all.

— How to get Started Creating a Contact Form —

Here I am going to review just three WordPress plugins I find very useful, as the first on the list is

— 1. Wp Forms  —

Step one:

To use this form plugin, we have to go to add new plugin on the WordPress dashboard and click on add new, In the search field, type WPForms and then click on the Install Now button. After the plugin is installed, make sure you activate the plugin.


Step two

It is now time to create our contact form. Now that you have activated WPForms, you are ready to create a contact form in WordPress. Still in your WordPress dashboard, click on the WPForms menu and go to Add New.


Step three

You will be presented with lots of option. Choose the option with the simple contact form


Step four

Once the simple contact form option is chosen, This will open the WPForms drag & drop form builder. Start by giving your contact form a name and then select your contact form template.

WPForms Lite only comes with two pre-built form templates (Blank or Simple Contact Form). But you can use these two to create just about any type of contact form you like.

Step five

Proceed by filling out the required options need to create exactly what you desire and Configuring Form Notification and Confirmations

Now that you have created your WordPress form, it’s important that you properly configure the form notification and form confirmation.

Form Confirmation is what your website visitor sees after they submit the form. It could be a thank you message or you can redirect them to a special page.

Form Notification is the email you get after someone submits the contact form on your WordPress site.

You can customize both of those by going to the Settings tab inside the WPForms form builder.

Step Six

Once you are done with the basic configurations,  then it’s time to embed it in a page.

The first thing you need to do is either create a new page in WordPress or edit an existing page where you want to add the contact form.

Next, add the title for your widget and select the form you want to display. Save the settings, and visit your website for the preview.

Note that you can embed it on your side bar using the code provided from the plugin.

— Contact Form 7—

When it comes to using contact form 7, you have got a whole lot of option, including high level of customization feature to choose from.

Step 1:

Proceed to add new plugins on your dashboard and run a search in the search bar for contact form 7. Ensure you install an activate the plugin.


Step 2:

Once the contact form 7 have been installed, click settings options, which closed to the installed plugins option to explore its feature required.


Step three

Start by creating your contact form by clicking on contact form 1. Note that beside the contact form 1 there is a short code. Pay attention to that short code because that is what you will be needed for integration.


By integration, I mean what would be needed for you to embed the created form into your desired page or side bar of your website

Step four:

Proceed by setting up the configurations of what you want your form to look like. This configuration include name, email, subject, and message. Also configure the mail option and save. By doing this, Guess what? you are done.



You can now proceed by using the short code for integration.

— 3. Site Origin Contact Form —

This particular widget happens to be my favorite. It is a widget you get when you install page builder by site origin plugins.

This tool is effective as it contains a whole lots of widget, of which the contact form is one of it. Is can be used on pages and side bar.

Let’s see how we can set this up

Step one:

Start by installing the page builder by site origin plugins. Make sure it is installed and activated.


Step two:

Proceed to the site origin widget bundle. And activate the contact form widget.


Step three:

Create a page title contact, and click on edit after you have created it.


Click on add widget, and choose the site origin contact form from the widget bundle features provided.


Step four:

Check out the options in the widget and configure the options provided.


Click save and you are done creating a contact page using the site origin widget bundle.

— Rounding Up —

Acknowledging the fact that contact form is very important to your website is really a good way to start up with your audience getting in touch with you.

However, the plugins reviewed are very good tools for creating a contact from. Although I really love the site origin contact form. This is due to the fact that that site origin page builder comes with lots of widget bundle.

This makes it possible to save up space and stress of having to install lots of other plugins.

Feel free to share your opinion on the comments box below based on your experience with other contact form plugins that wasn’t mentioned in this article.

Best Regards.

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