When it comes to monetizing blog or website content, the best tool so far has been the google adsense tool. which ever way you look at it, irrespective of the alternatives, the pay rate is unbeatable.

Google adsense is a Cost per Click (CPC) advertising publishing company that is so strict to the call with approving both new and old blogs.

So many reasons why site are not approved have been in time past stated which are not far from

Using a good theme

Writing enough well and unique article ranging from 10 to 15 post

Adding pages like About, Contact

Ensuring you don’t use copyright images

Making sure your blog is 6 months old

Not advertising from other advert publishing companies before application

I tell you all these are cool to consider before applying. But there are people;

Who had five post and got approval

Who used copyrighted images and got approved

Whose blog were a day old and are approved

Who advertised other ad network and got approved

So, for Goodness sake what COULD actually be wrong with others not getting approved by Google?

Don’t worry anymore, because, you are not alone in this.

I am going to take you for a work, a gradual work. So that you can understand this simple trick involved in getting your site to be faultless to google policies and getting approved by google adsense.

This post is grouped into 10 post pages each page means a step, follow carefully and don’t miss any step.

At the end of this post is a Contact form for first (20) twenty people that will be needing assistance on getting Adsense approval done from me.

Starting from the next post page we will look at





Most people have really fall a victim of using a domain that was used in the past and was banned from google adsense. If someone helped you in purchasing your domain or you but a domain that have been used before.

It is important you check if that domain have been banned using to be on the safe side.

Beware that many have falled  victim of this and be careful and ensure you are not one of them.

quickly check if your domain name has been banned or blacklisted.



For me writing a quality content do not have a maximum. but if you must write only five, make sure is has quality and quantity.

for my friend when i helped with his adsense approval, it was just five post. But his post of course had quality and quantity.

what do i mean by quality = well let it be readable and well constructed to your viewers

quantity = Ensure it has enough word count of at least 650 words and above



Google like to deal with serious persons. especially those who are willing to take responsibilities for their actions.

imagine a country that do not have constitution. it means that anything goes.

website that do not have privacy policy and contact us pages show a bit of irresponsibility to its users.

Here are some pages you should consider but might nor be a must have before applying to Google AdSense if you want to get accepted.

These are about us, privacy policy and contact us pages. These pages give the impression that you are a professional and that you are working according to the Google policies. note that  having a privacy page is also one of the requirements for Google AdSense.

MY Advice: Just do this to be on the safe side.

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